Fence Treatments

Warping, cupping boards, splitting pickets are a good indication that you need your fence treated. If current treatment looks faded or your fence looks like it's seen better days, then it is a great time to give a call.

Fence Repairs

Look for dry rot, carpenter bees saw dust, warping, checking around nail holes in pickets, and lastly for panels that have separated from the post.

Fence Restoration

The weather from year-to-year can go from mild to very harsh. So, it's always best to let us keep your structure well preserved with a fence restoration.

Fence Cleaning

Fence owners should consider getting their fence chemically cleaned if it looks like the onset of mold.  It is also the first step in most fence restoration projects.

Fence Envy™

A Fence Envy™ finish is the combination of a semitransparent oil based stain and a solid acrylic waterborne stain with a customized design created by our expert estimators.  When we're finished with your Fence Envy™ project you will have a wood structure for all in your community to admire.


The value in one of our decking projects is that our pricing and treatment periods are better long-term solutions.  If you are looking to revitalize an existing deck or treating a new one there is no better option.

How Can We Help?

If you would like a free consultation or are in need of any of these services please give us a call.  Our trained estimators are ready to help.

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